NorAg At-A-Glance


NorAg supplies high quality chemical products and exceptional service to customers domestically as well as internationally on time and within budget. NorAg supplies agriculture chemicals to companies who distribute to end users as well as to end users. The Company has been designated as the preferred chemical supplier for nuclear boiler cleaning in South Korea. NorAg also does custom blending.


NorAg’s President, Floyd Guidry has over 40-years of experience in chemical engineering, manufacturing, product management, and sales with; Dow Chemicals, Ciba-Geigy, Novartis and BASF, where he was named national sales account manager for companies that included Scott’s Miracle Grow and Kodak.

Eresterine, a former school teacher and counselor with 29-years of retail operations experience serves as Secretary-Treasurer and Sales Director.


Customers through the years include utility companies, fertilizer companies, micronutrient distributors, nuclear power generating companies, farmers, manufacturers, chemical distributors as well as international customers who are located in Canada, South Korea, China and Taiwan.