NorAg Technology, LLC

NorAg Technology, LLC is a family business founded in 2007 to manufacture industrial cleaning solutions and agricultural chemicals, as well as other custom blended products. The owner/operators focus on building long-term relationships while satisfying their customers.


Industrial Cleaning and Other Applications

NorAg supplies cleaning compounds for nuclear and fossil fuel electrical boiler tube cleaning for utility companies. NorAg's products are also used to clean chemical equipment such as heat exchangers, piping, brewery equipment, and evaporators. Other industries include water treatment, pulp and paper, concrete admixtures, printing inks, and metal cleaning.


Agricultural Chemicals

Trace elements or Micronutrients and secondary nutrients are absolutely essential for plant growth. The need for these nutrients varies widely with crop, soil conditions, and farm management, and the levels of Nitrogen Phosphate and Potassium.


See What NorAg Has to Offer


Professionals who know and understand your needs, and work hard to fulfill them.


We stay up-to-date to give you access to the best products on the market.


Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to us.

Competitive Pricing

We keep an eye on competitors prices to offer you the most for your money.

Custom Blending

Reliable sources can be difficult to come by. Contact us to determine if we can develop a manufacturing process in our facility.

Packaging Options

Tankers, Totes, Drums, 2x2.5 Jugs